Who chose us


Truckpoint is a workshop that keeps up with the times: modern and dynamic, it puts customer satisfaction first. Our mission is to be able to provide the end customer with facilities that can provide a real 360° service. To do this, our two locations, with 5,000 square meters in Sesto Fiorentino and 10,000 square meters in Calenzano, are ready to welcome you and your vehicles: whether cars, trucks, buses, trailers or agricultural vehicles, solving all your problems.

Our experienced and qualified staff that is constantly updated and a constantly renewed and updated equipment offer a perfect combination to be able to provide the best work performance.The result is total satisfaction from our customers!

... Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce and save money in spite of everything we can invent to harass, jam and discourage them. It is the natural vocation that drives them, not just the thirst for money. The taste, the pride of seeing one's own company prosper, acquire credit, inspire confidence in ever larger clientele, expand facilities, embellish offices, are a spring of progress as powerful as profit. If this were not the case, it would not be possible to explain how there are entrepreneurs who lavish all their energies and invest all their capital in their own company, often with far more modest profits than those that they could surely and comfortably obtain with other uses.